Buying gold as a reliable way to accumulate wealth

Buying gold as a reliable way to accumulate wealth


Have we ever thought about the best way to save up money? Is it keeping it under the mattress? Depositing at a bank? Or buying dollars or cryptocurrency for it? All options are popular today, but each of them has its own risks. Hence, keeping money at home is risky because you can be robbed at any time. Why cryptocurrency is not considered a perfect way to accumulate wealth, we also discussed in detail in our blog. And it's not even worth talking about the degree of trust in banks today: some of them offer too low-interest rates on deposits or not the most favorable deposit terms, others are on the brink of bankruptcy.

So, what is left to do? The answer is obvious: of course, it’s gold!

Savings in gold: why is it reasonable?

It is not for nothing that gold is considered a convenient investment tool. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable investment options.

  • The price of gold remains stable, it does not depend on sharp collapses and surges - and this, in turn, your confidence in the future and less waste of nerve cells while watching the price charts.
  • Gold is not subject to inflation. On the contrary, we suggest you read our article on the relation of gold to inflation to know more about this interdependence.
  • Gold is tangible, and this is its advantage because, from the point of view of psychology, material assets have a calming effect on the human mind. You can check your gold stock by touching it.
  • Gold's liquidity is high: the precious metal can always be converted into money by selling it to the bank. Since gold is a guarantee instrument for the economies of most countries, the need for it from the Central Bank is always very high. There are also other ways for selling gold: you can turn it into expensive jewelry or sell it to companies whose production activities require gold. After all, gold is always a good gift for your loved ones and an investment in the future of your children.

In addition, you do not necessarily need to keep your gold with you: you can easily put it in a safe deposit box to ensure safety.

What is the best way to store your gold reserves?

Gold itself, as an asset, is most often imagined in the form of bars. And this is the best option for investing money. Firstly, the bars are made of pure gold, without impurities, unlike jewelry gold, which has additives of other metals. Secondly, the bars are pure metal, which can later be sold or smelted into jewelry, commemorative coins or medals. And the price for it is clean, without markups for the design, and the work of a jeweler. But if you buy bars from Golden Way, the price will be minimal, because we produce it ourselves, which means that you will not overpay retailers for their services.

Gold is a metal that not only looks presentable and respectable. It is one of the most indestructible assets on Earth. And even in the most turbulent times of world crises, its position is only getting stronger. Accordingly, your well-being also grows. Do you want to be confident in the future? Join Golden Way! With us, you can invest in gold, multiply your wealth and accumulate it without risk.