7 Ways to Buy Gold

7 Ways to Buy Gold


Buying gold is always a profitable idea. Especially in 2021, when the price of the precious metal tends to set new records every day. Purchased gold will more than pay you back - this investment object is always in demand, has a fairly well-defined price, it is easy to sell, exchange or invest in the bank. Even if you keep it under your mattress, it will work for you, because the price of gold goes up with time.

But before you decide to take the first gold product you see, let's talk about how you can buy and invest in gold.

In fact, there are quite a few ways to invest in gold. We've gathered for you all 7 worthy alternatives. Feel free to consider them right now.

  1. Gold bars is a classic, over which no time has no power. This is the only format central banks around the world use to keep their gold and foreign currency reserves. The bars are concise, they can have different weights, but they always look expensive and respectable. Bullion bars can be put in a safe deposit box, kept at home while admiring the sunny shades of the metal, or given as a gift to your loved ones or partners. In addition, bullion is 100% metal, without any alloys, additives or chemical processing.
  2. Gold coins. Today, you can choose from two standard options. First one is purchasing coins from past centuries, which are valuable on their own as archaeological pieces, as well as the added value of the gold from which they are made. Second option is choosing modern products from the mints of different countries. Every year banks offer new collections for coin collectors and investors which include commemorative coins made of precious metals. Such investment is convenient if you want to buy not just a piece of metal, but the memory of an event.
  3. ETFs or exchange-traded funds. You can also invest in gold as an exchange-traded fund asset. This is a good idea if you're going to constantly monitor the quotes, play the stock market and be involved in the process. You can make a good amount of money from the difference in quotes of a particular exchange-traded fund. But skills and experience are very important for such investment. In addition, be prepared to pay a commission to a management company of at least 0.4% per year.
  4. Investing in gold mining companies is profitable. Yes, you don't get gold per se, but gold miners usually have a net profit and your dividends will be replenished from it.
  5. Gold jewelry is the most obvious way to get the desired metal. It is partly convenient: you can wear the jewelry, use it as an image element, pledge it at financial institutions, or sell it at an auction. But often they are not as profitable as they seem at first sight.
  6. Opening an IRA or impersonal bullion account. In this case, you don't keep gold at home. Instead, you invest money in the metal, but you keep it in a special metal account at the bank. A kind of virtual gold that lies in the bank.
  7. Futures trading. If you are not new to trading, then trading options, futures and quotes will be an advantageous way to diversify your investment portfolio.

All 7 methods are quite capable of bringing you to a new level of income, and choosing them depends primarily on your personal preferences, skills and ability to take risks. In return, the Golden Way company will help you to earn on gold as much as possible. Buy bars, invest in gold mining, invest your gold in IRAs or trade on the exchange: the only thing is to start. And we can help you get started in the world of gold investing.