Benefits of investing in gold

Benefits of investing in gold


Investments are the foundation of success. Every person who has built their own business will tell you that. Proper investment of money for its further multiplication is exactly what you need to become successful. Today, people choose many effective options for investing. One of the oldest, but no less popular today is gold - the metal that has remained the measure of wealth so far.

Of course, you may argue that it is a bit old-fashioned to invest in gold, because there are such channels of investment as real estate, securities, cryptocurrencies, and even successful startups, by the way.

At Golden Way we chose gold as a foundation for our business for a reason. Careful analysis showed that it not only remains at the same level of profitability compared to other types of investments, but often is ahead of them. Let us tell in detail why it is more profitable to invest in gold than in other types of assets.

Gold vs real estate: upsides and downsides.

The tradition of investing in real estate is equally well known as savings in gold. Many people choose this model of passive income: invest in properties under construction while they are cheaper, and then sell them at a higher price or to buy real estate and rent it out. But this has its own risks: the builder can go bankrupt, real estate prices drop occasionally, and finding a buyer or tenant can be complicated - you have to pay for realtor services, or at your own risk sell to the stranger. This will never happen with gold.

  • Gold is always highly liquid - you can either sell it to a bank or find a private buyer, turn bullion into jewelry, or put it in a safe deposit box.
  • Gold prices are relatively stable. Moreover, this market is on the rise since the lockdown period, and the value of gold is gradually increasing.
  • Gold does not require you to be overactive: you don't have to look for a reliable partner you can buy gold from, we are already here to help you! You don't have to control the safety of gold as you do with real estate as it is right up here in front of you!

And what about other investment options? Let's take cryptocurrencies as an example.

Crypto or gold - which to choose?

Cryptocurrencies have become the real boom of the year 2010. The high value of bitcoin alone attracted numerous investors, and playing on the stock exchange on the difference of quotations is considered by many as a very profitable business. But what is cryptocurrency? It is a virtual asset that cannot be seen or touched. In addition, the crypto market is very shaky. There are two ways to make money from cryptocurrency:

Mining or playing on the difference in rates.

The first option requires knowledge and expensive and also secure equipment. The second requires knowledge and business savvy. With gold, you won't need to learn, will not make mistakes, or lose money to succeed. Oh, and also there is no reason to be stressed about the collapse of the market - because gold mining is fairly stable, there will be no oversaturation of the market, and the demand for the metal is only increasing from year to year.

By the way, for the same reasons investing in gold is more profitable than in bonds.

Investments in smart projects or gold?

Another popular trend is investing in promising ideas. Today there are quite a few platforms for crowdfunding, where startups raise money for their projects. But where is the guarantee that the idea in which you are investing will actually work out? Gold will definitely keep its price, or even become more expensive over time. So in this comparison, too, it is significantly more profitable than other investments.

Would you like to know more about the prospects and possibilities of investing in gold? At Golden Way we will tell you how to invest into precious metal wisely, how to multiply your money and create an effective team for working with gold.