Hello, friends! I can certainly call you friends by now, because this is our 43rd news release. I have become as close to you as to my family after all this time.

How can I get you excited today? Uh... make yourselves comfortable. First things first, we're going to start with congratulations! We've got the names of the three Best Seller winners who made the highest turnover in the first line for the month. You can see their names on the screen. Extremely proud to congratulate you and wish you to inspire others to reach their goals.

If you are eager to win this wonderful contest, we have good news for you! There is still an opportunity for you to prove your leadership and sales skills in August, as well as to compete for the victory in the contest for the quarter based on the results of 3 months: July, August, September. The prizes are right here waiting for you! Good luck!

Well, to fuel our emotions even more with inspiration, think of the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most beautiful and mysterious places on Earth. It has been attracting the eyes of millions of people for thousands of years.

My point is that the leaders of Golden Way company and the winner of the Best Seller contest for previous quarters, will go on an unforgettable trip on a cruise liner to the Mediterranean Sea in October 2022.

They will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of sky-blue water, white fluffy waves while catching the reflection of sunlight. We are sure that these landscapes will increase their desire to set new goals and eventually achieve them.

Think differently together with Golden Way and your dreams will turn into reality. We guarantee it!

Let's move on to the next news:

Goosebumps and euphoria inside are the feelings all of our participants experience before the upcoming event! Golden Way is turning 3 years old. And that means we're expecting a grand celebration filled with valuable knowledge and experience. Get the most out of diving into the incredible world of investing, meeting successful people and fundraising opportunities together with us!

On top of all this, you'll be in for a luxurious gala dinner at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, a disco with the top DJs, a photo shoot by a professional photographer, a tour in the Dubai desert, gifts and giveaways for all participants, as well as many other surprises.

We will be glad to see you and we are already getting ready to give you a big hug from our friendly team. Get to your personal account to grab the last tickets!

Let's proceed to the super-ups of the personal account:

There's an update added to your personal account which is a "calendar" tab. It displays all the online and offline events that the company Golden Way plans to hold.

You can choose your country and your time zone yourself to see the exact time of events. You can also use a variety of filters and set reminders so you won't miss an interesting activity.

The functionality is as convenient as possible to organize your time and to arrange for the specific event. This saves a lot of time and allows you to see the scheduled activities in one glance.

Check your calendar and mark for yourself the events you wouldn't like to miss!

As you can see, we are a team that never stands still a day, looking for innovations, implementing them, making all actions for clients simple and convenient. But it is your achievement as well, dear partners, because your feedback helps us to identify problems and improve the quality of our work.

Our support service provides answers to all your questions in your personal account. And after you contact the technical support, please leave your feedback and rate the level and quality of support with stars. Also, you can leave an extensive comment on how well you were given the answer from the specialist and whether it helped to solve your request. Thank you for your feedback.

What other new features are available in the personal account? We are constantly adding videos and text tutorials to the personal account. With the help of these tips you can learn each step in more detail:

- how to fund your account,

- how to withdraw funds,

- how to transfer funds

and much more

We know you've been waiting for something to make your operation easier. This is it! Maximum convenience, simplicity, comfort.

Hmmm... what am I missing? Ah yes! Have you seen the redesigned ""Shop"" section in your personal account yet? There you can now not just see one picture of a bar or other accessory, but you can look at several pictures and even videos. How to do it? Just swipe left and right buttons next to your chosen item. This way you can see the quality of our product much better. Enjoy!)

You all know very well that we like to give gifts.  Gold is the only asset that goes up in value in times of crisis.

In our July giveaway, you had a chance to win a 20 gram gold bar.

Usually we announced the names of the winners live on the 2nd of every month. But not in August 2022! For this special month, we'll be choosing the winners live on August 6, right during our conference in Dubai. Don't miss a moment!

Our company also wants to congratulate the Golden Way leaders who were able to reach new heights in July. We wish you success, development and desire not to stop on the achieved! Sincerely believe that every rank will be easily conquered!

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Stay tuned for new episodes and stay up to date with the latest company news.

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