Celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Golden Way in Dubai


From August 7, Dubai has become the center of the world's intellectual and business elite for a while. We have gathered at the luxury hotel Hilton Dubai all leaders, friends and partners of Golden Way. And today we can say with confidence: our celebration was a success! Many events, happy meetings and useful acquaintances - all this happened thanks to all participants of the conference. Our days were filled with a golden egregore, and the amount of useful information was just huge.

We are happy to say that this event has taken all of us to a new level in the development of our business and well-being. We really think different, earn different, and strive for success at super-cosmic speed!

And all partners who want to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of our conference and get a boost for the development of their gold business have the opportunity to attend our conference in Cancun from January 21 to 23.

Buy your tickets now for the lowest price of 99 Euro. Starting November 15, ticket prices will be increased.