I want to know the results of the July giveaway!


Dear partners, since August is a special month for us in connection with the birthday of our company, it means that the events will be special.

Every 2nd day of each month, we run a live broadcast where we determine winners of monthly giveaways from Golden Way. But in August 2022 it will be different.

We will find out the results of the July giveaway… RIGHT DURING OUR CONFERENCE IN DUBAI! Yes, yes, it will be bright, extraordinary and intriguing.

We remind you that this time we will be giving away three gold bars of 20 grams. And they will go to three winners who made purchases in our online store for 700 Euros or more, and subscribed to our social networks.

On 06/08 at 16:45 (GMT+4) we will find out the names of the lucky ones. If you didn't manage to come to the conference, but you want to follow the results of the giveaway, here is what we have prepared for you.

We have improved our capabilities and now each of you will be able to join the live broadcast on YouTube, which will be available in 4 languages ​​(English, French, Spanish and Arabic).

We wish each of the participants good luck and victory! See you then!