Investing in gold VS Investing in real estate: Why is it profitable to invest in gold?


Disputes about what is the most profitable way to invest money have been going on for decades. And as leaders in these disputes, frequently, there are two assets - gold and real estate. And indeed, both of these investments have many similar characteristics:

  • They are tangible, and this determines much of their popularity, because something that can be touched always evokes a more realistic sense of possession.
  • They do not lose value: people always need housing or commercial real estate, and gold is the eternal equivalent of wealth and success.
  • Both of these assets are long-term investments. They are suitable for the long term prospect of income. 
  • The value of both gold and real estate is high in any part of the world. In this sense, they are universal. 

And that sets gold and real estate apart from other investments. But if we have already talked about why gold is more profitable than cryptocurrency, then how to choose between gold and real estate? Let's explore this question in more detail...