Last chance to buy a ticket at the lowest price

Last chance to buy a ticket at the lowest price


It's already the middle of summer on the calendar, and the Golden Way conference in Dubai is getting closer!

Today is your last chance to buy tickets for our event at the old price of € 210.

From tomorrow the price will be higher. Grab your luck and buy tickets to the most exciting event of the summer of 2021 - a celebration of the second anniversary of Golden Way in an incredible city of Dubai - the pearl of the business world.

Tickets are available in the "Shop" section of your personal accounts.

Remember that you get not just a valuable experience, but the opportunity to make new business contacts, plunge into the atmosphere of cash flows and attract them to your life. The secrets of success, the ability to manage the money egregore, new horizons for those who know how to think differently - we offer all this to all the participants of our conference.