Monthly giveaway from Golden Way


October 2nd. Mark your calendars!

On this day we will give away three pieces of iPad Pro 3 among our customers. We remind that to take part in the give away, buy goods at our online store for the amount of 300 euros or more in the periof from 1 to 30 September and you automatically become among the contenders for the prize. The higher the purchase amount, the better the chances of winning.

Each 300 euros of a purchase is an equivalent of one ticket, which means that if you buy our gold products for 2100 euros, you will receive 7 tickets.

What does this mean? Your chances of winning increase sevenfold. And the number of purchases is unlimited.

Think different, earn different with us!

We have many more interesting contests and prizes ahead for our partners, clients and subscribers.

And don't forget to share this post on your social networks - let as many of your relatives and friends as possible participate in the Golden Way giveaway.