Who got ahead?


Being part of a great team is a phenomenal feeling. Are you familiar with it? This is a sweet cocktail of emotions: success, joy, recognition, motivation, victory, luck, result.

We are glad that all partners of our company have tried this “cocktail” for themselves. And what is a team without leaders? We proudly announce the three best sellers for July:

1st place is taken by the purposeful Hafid Hakkar

2nd place is reached by the incredible Djemba Ongenda Hanyange Djemba

3rd place is snatched by the confident Mekki Allaoua

Wow! As always, the best congratulations fly to you! Well, not only congratulations, but also wonderful gifts from Golden Way.

Our "Best Seller" contest continues and you can compete for this title during August, as well as become the super winner for the quarter for 3 months: July, August, and September!

Think different, earn different!