Win an iPad Pro 3 from Golden Way


Dear partners of Golden Way. 

We are glad to inform you that in September 2021 the company is launching a new monthly draw.

Every partner who makes a purchase from the 1th to 30th of September until 24.00 (London time), for more than 300 Euros will participate in the drawing of three iPad Pro 3. Every 300 Euros in the purchase amount gives an additional ticket to participate in the drawing. 

Let's look at an example:

You made a purchase for 2,200 euros. Therefore divide your purchase by 300, and it is the number of tickets you will receive to participate in the draw. 

2200/300 = 7.33 

Because you need to have a whole number of tickets, you will receive 7 tickets to the raffle.

Just to note, in this example you don't need to make 7 raffle tickets of 300 euros, all you need is one purchase of 2200 euros, and you will get 7 raffle tickets from that purchase. 

There is no limit to the number of purchases per participant. The minimum purchase amount to participate in the contest is 300 Euro. The maximum amount is 100 000 Euro.  

To participate in the draw, you may purchase any item at our online store.

The drawing will take place live on October 2nd at 19:00 London time.

Make your purchase now and win prizes from Golden Way.